Restoration and Preservation


Over the years, the markers at the cemetery have suffered damage from natural causes and from vandalism. We try to restore markers as funds become available and with permission from the families, if they can be reached. The photos show some of the markers that have been restored. 

More information about marker restoration can be found in the spring 2017 issue and the fall 2015 issue of our newsletter. Restoration of the Walton family memorial can be found in the fall 2012 issue of the newsletter. Information about restoration and repair of the blue above-ground vault can be found in the fall 2013 issue.

Cleaning Markers:
If you are interested in helping clean the markers, please contact us first.
Markers should NOT be cleaned unless they belong to your family and unless you first obtain permission from the Cemetery. 
Here is more information about cemetery preservation and cleaning from the Oregon Commission of Historic Cemeteries.